Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jeff Rubin on Peak Oil

The movie "The End of Suburbia" was the door that opened my intellectual curiosity.  At first I would read nothing besides peak oil related things.  Over time, my interests drifts towards other things.  Some of them are academic while others are entertainment.  I do, however, occasionally go to my roots and spend time updating myself on the peak oil topic, for I believe it is going to affect us in an irreversible way.

The concept of Peak Oil was also a partial driver of my desire to travel now rather than later.  For I believe the age of cheap airline tickets are coming to a close, and the future of travel is one where you stay close to where you live.  Many people, including my family, do not understand this.  They extrapolate past trends and conclude that progress will ensure a steady if slow rise in the standard of living.  This I cannot look at the data and agree with.

Nevertheless, I do not believe we will have a catastrophic discontinuity like some apocalypse theorists suggest.  Major changes occur in much the same way as our recession: over many months or years.  My standard of living has not significantly changed over the past 2 years, though I would be so foolish to say that the financial crises has not affected my life or my future has not been changed.

Here is Jeff Rubin, author of the book "Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller"


  1. i am happy that END of SUBURBIA was helpful for you! jeff rubin is also here in toronto with me and he will be in the next documentary ResilientCITY. many thanks, stay tuned!

    greg greene

  2. Thank you sir. I look forward to your film on sustainable city planning, and thanks for making this documentary. Things like these really make a difference.