Friday, March 5, 2010

Football is bad for your brain

I heart Brazen Careerist.  I think her latest column is a good read.  Talks about Aspergers syndrome among other things.  Here is my favorite quote from the entry.

I hate the glorification of abnormal. People who are abnormal have an enormous struggle to find a place in the world. It’s not fun or glamorous. The celebration of abnormal is a delusional luxury of the relatively normal population.

For ages I have always looked at people who try to be "unique" with annoyance and possibly a fist to smack them down.  Overtime I have learned to tell them how unique they are while at the same time making a mental note of assigning them a drone number.  Oh and lastly, just because you conform to a lesser known, less mainstream group does not make you any more unique than the person who rocks out to Nickelback.

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