Saturday, April 9, 2011

hmm, derby

The roller derby scene in vancouver seem to be expanding at a pretty fast clip. A few years back when a few of my friends first started i did not expect them to grow to our present spectacle. As the ring takes place in an ice rink marked at the boundaries by colored tape, it has a startup charm that seem to attract quite a crowd. The movie 'whip it' with ellen page, no doubt, helped the proliferation of this sport immensely.

a roller derby game is a lot like any other sport. There are clear established rules, there is a certain amount of skill involved, and the standard uniform include shorts and stockings. One thing i did notice is that the players are almost monolithically white, and the crowd it attracts seem to be the quasi-hip, almost young variety. Self-selected is the perfect description for the participant makeup. This leads to two possible outcomes as far as i can see. One is staying in the niche it finds itself in and i suspect there will always be people who enjoy looking at girls skate and tackle each other, or it will be adopted into the mainstream and become different, thereby losing the very supporters it currently enjoys. Eww why is that ref guy wearing shorts that short?

Anyways, thats enough musing for awhile im going to slip out and buy some groceries before my friends start
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